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CEO MASTER CLUB INVESTMENT Plc is a fund management company, which is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia in 12th July 2019 to legally mobilize and manage public investments in order to help local entrepreneurs with a comprehensive source of capital to start up and expand their business, creating more jobs, Increasing more profit, Building a Stronger National Economy .

Company History

In the past 10 years, the CEO Master Club has trained tens of thousands of Cambodian entrepreneurs and around 1,100 ​ lifetime permanence members of Business Owners, which manage about 2,000 businesses that create jobs for about 100,000 people. Due to the need for cash to grow the business, Founder of  CEO MASTER CLUB has registered the other fund management company to help solve the problem of providing capital in addition to training. The fund management company names as CEO MASTER CLUB INVESTMENT Plc. for funding solution.


Want to see Cambodia become a rich country quickly.


- Cambodian people to explore wealth creation and manage straighten their personal finance for successor. 

- Be a good working partner with local entrepreneur by providing strategy and competency capital. 

Core Value

- Trust: We are always sharing, helping, and take responsibility on each every customer with honest and respectful. 
-  Morality: We all apply the highest ethic and morality to each every daily operation with warm and care service providing to all stake holders.
-  Quality: We always open mind to get all command and feedback from all stakeholder and keep sharpen our product to feed the market needed.